• Meet Our Trainer

    Shari Michael

    We have recently updated our training programme firstly by changing to a new system, enabling our staff, team leaders and managers to avail from a wide range of modules pertaining to all aspects of care to ensure the staff are well equipped to provide a high standard of care safely, while showing compassion and dignity.


    I have been in this sector for 12 years and with One2One for 4 of those. I enjoy my newly assigned role as the training manager. I get a real joy engaging with the new staff and moulding them to One2One’s principles and practices, this works especially well with candidates new to this sector.


    I also enjoy meeting our current staff for their mandatory training and seeing how they have grown into their roles, this could be at 6 months a year or more and there really is a difference. Training is updated periodically for all employees this is to ensure we are meeting current and or any changes within legislation or governance to enable us to provide safe, effective care at all times. I also need to ensure I keep myself knowledgeable and make changes as required as it is my responsibility that all staff are component and trained appropriately.