• Hear What Our Clients Say About Training with One2One



    "I had an interview for One2one and was a successful candidate for the post, after that I was provided with training. I honestly couldn’t believe how factual and beneficial the knowledge was that I received on my full days training. I was trained by Shari who is in charge of the training of new staff. Shari was really inspirational the way she related the training to personal experiences in domiciliary care, this form of training was something I could relate too as I felt as if I was in the situation and it made the training mire virtual. The training provided honestly is to an excellent standard and I couldn’t believe the equipment that was provided for me to train with, it was just like being in the real job itself. The training provided is the reason that I’m now able to do my job the way I am, all aspects of what I needed to know was covered and so much more than I even expected from health and safety to date protection One2One covered all the topics with me that is essential to my job. The training was full of fun and energy and it honestly was the best training experience I’ve ever received throughout my career. I was in taking my new job as something I’d never done before and with the training I received it enabled me to know how to do my job and for that I’m so thankful to the team at One2One. I love working with One2One and am so thankful for all the opportunities the company has given me. Thank you One 2 One.... you have changed my life."


    Cullybackey College

    "My health and social class from Cullybackey College and myself visited One2One offices to be provided with manual and handling training. We all thought it was going to be boring and just a basic ‘lecture’ about how to do things; however, it was the opposite. The staff within One2One made us feel so comfortable and made the training more fun and interesting. We all took in lots of useful information that we never knew before and also gained lots of skills in the process of completing the manual and handling course. I really enjoyed this visit that much that I applied for a job, One2One made me feel very comfortable and welcome which made me feel as I would really enjoy working for them! A few months down the line now and I would never look back! I love my job, the people I work with and the staff within the office. We all work together as a team to ensure that we meet our aim; we specialise in care and daily living assistance to an array of individuals."



    "My mother was in hospital with pneumonia and her health declined badly with her stay in the hospital. Mummy took 3 infections and was in hospital for 12 weeks. On being discharged mummy wasn’t at her baseline and the hospital informed us they were requesting that she would get carers at home to help with her. We waited over a week and there was no carers available in the area for a double package and the social worker suggested could we as a family pay to get trained to help a carer with mummy’s needs. We discussed this and felt this was a good option to get mummy home and some of us would always be there. One2One was available for this service and along with me and 4 family members we attended a session in their office and learnt how to use techniques safely with the carer. This was fantastic and we were able to get mummy home and we were also able to work with each other when carers weren’t scheduled to be there."